Daysmel Muniz

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We are very happy and excited at ZOT Zin Music to have Daysmel on our teaching team.
He’s a very experienced teacher as well as a fantastic guitarist.

Daysmel studied with Vreny for many years and is licensed to teach the successful ZOTZin Guitar Curriculum.
Daysmel brings in a lot of extra expertise and services which we were unable to deliver before:

1) In addition to teaching adults, he is also specialized teaching young people and kids.
2) He speaks English and Spanish equally well.

What is great about that is that we can now also accept kids into our guitar and music education program.
In addition: people who speak Spanish as a first language, can now enjoy the quality of ZOT Zin Guitar lessons in their native language.

Daysmel’s Musical Journey.

Daysmel Muniz began playing guitar at the age of 16 after asking for an acoustic guitar for his birthday, having been inspired by a close friend’s playing. Originally set to begin his music training playing piano at the age of 9 in a music conservatory in Havana, Cuba, his family’s sudden escape from the country changed the route of his education. This event would be a major one that would change Daysmel’s life and musical endeavors forever.


He began playing and teaching himself the guitar for the first year and a half. During the early years of his guitar playing, his musical ear and horizon expanded tremendously. Having grown up listening to Salsa, Afro-Cuban music and other Spanish-language styles, Daysmel explored the worlds of Classic Rock, Prog Rock, Metal, Jazz-fusion and more. The intake of new music opened up his mind into different aesthetics and styles of music and guitar playing. Daysmel listened to different music, but mainly played Finger-style guitar at the beginning, until taking private lessons for two years under Victor Hernandez. This developed his understanding of Folk, Jazz, Blues and Funk styles.


During these early years, Daysmel practiced his own compositions and tried to develop his own voice in the guitar, supplemented by his private lessons. However, his career path at the time seemed to be that of a school teacher. After graduating from Bell High School in 2003, he went on to study English Education and get his BA from Cal State Long Beach. During this time his focus on his English and Education studies took most of his attention, although he still played guitar, it was in the background of his focus.

Teaching Background.

However, through his experience studying and working in various K-12 settings during this time helped further develop his communication skills, discernment of learning styles and ability to empathize with students. He ultimately came to a realization after graduating in 2008 that he did not want to continue down the career path of a regular school teacher, although he still wanted to keep learning and help others learn. After reassessing various aspects of his life, Daysmel realized that music and people were the most important to him and he decided to further pursue that path.

Musical Projects & Performance.

Shortly after graduating from college, Daysmel and a few musicians in the Long Beach area formed psychedelic group Bed Breakfast Man. The involvement with that band gave him experience with live performance and improvisation.

After a few years and line-up changes, the group evolved into Numen, a more rhythmically intense and focused version of the old band.

Throughout all this time Daysmel has been involved with different artists and musicians in the Long Beach area. He has lent his talent to Alive Theater productions of “28 Plays Later,” “What King Kong Dreamt” and various other projects.

From 2008 to 2011 Daysmel played guitar for rock opera LOLPERA: An Epik Opera about the Internets, which enjoyed a run in the LA and New York Fringe Festival. Playing for these theater productions demanded a textural approach and stylistic sensibility, which further expanded Daysmel’s mastery of guitar. Daysmel continues to play with Long Beach composer and musical director Ellen Warkentine, and occasionally wields the guitar for her ethereal folk project The Allies of WWIII.

In 2011, he began instruction under Vreny Van Elslande, one of LA’s top guitar coaches. Vreny has been a mentor to him and continues to impart his influence and guitar expertise on Daysmel.
He continues to learn about guitar playing and about expression and strives to find his own voice on the instrument with his band Mr. Moonshine, and other projects.

Some Influences:

Daysmel enjoys a wide variety of music from all over time and space.
Influences include: Miles Davis, Wayne Krantz, The Beatles, Reine Fiske, Opeth, Frank Zappa, Robert Fripp, Boards of Canada and many others.