The Timing Exercise Game

How Good Is Your Timing Really?

I was recently reminded of this fun timing exercise that feels like a game.

It’s addictive in a fun way. It’s hard to stop once you get started.
The game is programmed really well.
It calculates how far your space bar hits are off from the groove, and then deducts you points for the distance each of your 20 space bar hits are early or late. The further you’re off, the more points you get deducted.

The maximum score is 1000.
My guess is that it would be impossible for anyone to score 1000, because that level of accuracy would requite machine like precision. However: as my below score shows, you can get pretty darn close.

If your score is in the 700’s one time, and in the 900’s next time, that’s not a sign of the exercise’s accuracy being questionable btw. haha. (I mention this here because people oftentimes question the accuracy of the drill over the accuracy of their timing when their scores are all over the board).
That merely means that the time feel of your performances is inconsistent.

Below snapshot shows my score.


Test your time feel with the Time Feel Game here.

See if you can beat that score, just for fun.
If you beat my score, post a snapshot of your score in the comments section below so I can check it out.
Even if you’re pretty consistently around the 900 range, that is pretty impressive already: post it too.

Your score on this game, is a really good representation of how strong your time feel is on your instrument.
Have fun.
Looking forward to seeing your high scores posted below.
Time to bring out your metronome if you get low scores. 🙂

The cool thing about knowing this website (in case you didn’t know about this site yet) is that you can use the site to practice your timing anywhere, even without your guitar.


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