Super Learning

Super Learning

Many years ago I read the book “Super-Learning”.
One of the chapters talks about the effect of music on the brain and physiology and how it can help with learning.

Turns out that when you listen to the Largo parts of baroque compositions, which are usually around 60bpm, that your heart rate slows down to the same 60bpm speed, the incessant frequent thoughts flashing through your mind slow down, and that relaxed state that your mind and body settle into, opens up your mind for faster learning.

Studies suggest that of all the music styles out there, that (slow) baroque music would be the one style that is most impactful on relaxing the mind.

The gist of all these studies, is that the very compositionally structured nature of baroque, with all its voice leading and strict compositional rules and principles, is one of the reasons why the mind is made at easy on a deeper level than if you would for example listen to a slow country or slow blues song. 🙂

Here’s some examples of music that, when played in the background while you’re studying or reading, will make you study more easily, more focused and with greater success in retention.

Here’s a list of songs you can get to use as background music while you’re studying.


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