Music Lessons Improve Cognitive Skills and Academic Performance.

Music Lessons Improve Cognitive Skills and Academic Performance

As you might know, this is of course not the first time that I am posting on my blog about the amazing impact of music lessons on intelligence, brain development, cognitive skills, success and more.

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A new study apparently has been published, that further solidifies evidence that the study of music shows a significant impact on the development of one’s processing-speed and ability to problem-solve, think, reason, analyze, identify, understand and perceive knowledge, all commonly known as “cognitive skills”.

Here’s a link to that Study of the Impact of Music Lessons On Cognitive Skills and Academic Performance.

More Information On That Study here.

This above study specifically targets children, but the findings also apply to adults.
Neuroscientist Richard Restak explains that someone who studies music, keeps growing IQ and memory into old age.
Richard Restak’s following DVD lecture (with work book) is a fascinating eye-opener.


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