AMP1 from Thomas Blug, Fishman Triple Play Midi Guitar Controller, and Interviews with Brian May and Jennifer Batten

Thomas Blug’s AMP1 , Fishman TriplePlay Midi Guitar Controller & Interviews with Brian May and Jennifer Batten

I came a across a couple of great interviews that inspired me very much this week.
Those interviews led to finding me out about great new toys I really want to get.

Brian May’s Rig Rundown

This is a fantastic interview with Queen’s Brian May and Brian’s guitar tech Pete Malandrone.

This ties in to a little article I wrote a couple of years ago with some fun Brian May trivia you can find here.

You can find out all about Brian’s Red Special in this really cool book he wrote about building his own guitar.

Brian May’s Book About His Red Special.

Jennifer Batten Interview: A Masterclass in Muscianship

This is one of the best interviews I have heard in years.
Motivating, inspiring, interesting. You’ll learn a lot from listening to this too.
The interview is about an hour and 7 minutes long.

The Fishman TriplePlay Midi Guitar Controller

I am incredibly excited about this.
Guitar synths always were very appealing to me, but for reasons Jennifer mentions in the above interview, I never tried them out.
I didn’t want to deal with a bunch of cables coming from the guitar, and the significant load of equipment necessary to connect the guitar with the synth.

Thanks to the Fishman TriplePlay, those days are now over.
Fantastic engineering, wireless, convenient: you just need the controller and a USB stick that holds all your synths, and your laptop. 🙂
Here’s the info:

TriplePlay Wireless Midi Guitar Controller.

Thomas Blug’s AMP1

This is a very desirable amp Jennifer mentioned in her above interview.
Thomas Blug designed this unbelievably cool amp.
This amp has absolutely everything: and it barely weights a kilo. It’s every performing musician’s dream.

Thomas has a great demo on his website here:

Thomas Blug AMP1.

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