Guitar, Musician, Science and Other Fun Memes

Guitar, Musician, Science and Other Fun Memes

Why Music?

Lightbulb Jokes Usually Involve Musicians


Quantum Physics

Profound Wisdom

One of Those Studies

New Sources of Inspiration for Country Singers

The Modern Day Version

Hell Indeed

Cool Interior Design Idea

A Good Point

Stevie’s Weather Forecast

The Fender Purple Reign Strat

This is a gorgeous guitar.
It’s also pricey: $14,999

You can see more pictures here:

More info about the gorgeous Purple Reign Strat

An inspiring must-see: Eric Gales and Joe Bonamassa jamming.

Have albums of both these guys. Both of them together on stage is fireworks.


Hit me up anytime at [email protected] if you have any questions, or if you would like to book a lesson.

These free lessons are cool, but you will never experience the progress and results learning from blogs and videos, that my students experience in lessons.
There’s also much more cool stuff you can do with substitution pairs, and way more possibilities than can be covered in a video or blog.

That is why people take lessons: way better results and progress, much more complete information, way more creative ideas they learn in lessons than you can get from a blog.
There is only so much that self-study can accomplish.

Keep me informed on your progress. You can hit me up in the comments section below.
If you like this blog: give it a rating and feel free to give me any feedback.
I believe everything can always improve. I’d gladly implement your suggestions and ideas.

Be on the look out for more blogs about guitar, music, songwriting and music education.
You’re on your way to becoming a great guitar player.
Have fun! 🙂

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