Bad Or Boring Music

No Plateau-ing When You Take Lessons

As you already know: playing guitar is tons of fun.
It gets exponentially more fun the better you get at it.

The feeling of joy you’ll feel when you hear yourself play unbelievably amazing sounding guitar music, is not of this earth.
One has to push through the obstacles and plateaus though to get to that level of nirvana haha.

One thing that is reall cool about lessons though, is that it is pretty rare to hit plateaus while taking lessons.
That is pretty unlikely to happen because you’re constantly being guided through new materials and exercises, obliterating any obstacles that otherwise might have been holding you back without lessons.

That is one of the reasons why people who go the self study route or who skip a lot of lesson weeks, are more likely to lose patience, drive, and motivation.
Getting stuck not seeing progress for longer periods of time is just simply no fun.

It happens to the best of us though.

If I skip practicing a couple of days, or don’t get myself to learning new things on a very regular basis: then I can start feeling a bit impatient or demotivated too.
I know the feeling.
That feeling really sucks…
but… the amazing news is: that it is really easy to overcome that feeling.

The solution is simple: taking lessons and regular practice = success, motivation, and happiness with the results.

The logic behind it all is very simple:

Things don’t sound good if you don’t play them well…
Things sound really good, when you do play them well.

You can’t play well what you don’t practice enough on, and…
you can’t play well what you skip too many lessons on.

When a student skips 3 lesson weeks in a row, it’s no wonder why that person feels stagnant.
It’s also not wonder why the current pieces covered would start to feel boring spending so many weeks on them with little improvement to show for.

Which leads to the topic of: being bored with a song or boring music.

There’s No Boring Music: Only Badly Performend Music

I will never forget the lesson my dad taught me when I was a kid, when he told me the story of this encounter with his music teacher when he was 9 or 10 years old.
Dad loves accordion, and he started taking lessons when he was 6.

He practiced all the time, and by the time he was 9 or 10, he played really high level pieces.
He told me about this one piece he really didn’t seem to like. He didn’t like the music, he didn’t like how it sounded and he didn’t like practicing it.
Hence: he practiced less on it than he ever did before with all his other songs his teacher taught him.

His really strict, top level, high name & fame accordion teacher told him he wasn’t going to give him new music till he had that one song down.

Reluctantly; dad practiced on it the whole week, since that was the only thing his teacher had given him to work on, and showed up the week after to his lesson, eager to play it.
Dad played it flawlessly, fast, and strong.
He played it like he was showing off a bit though, kind a rushing through it to get it over with, so to speak.

So when dad’s last note faded out, the teacher, laconically said, “OK, now let’s play that song as if it were actually MUSIC!”.

And after saying this: the teacher performed that same song, pouring his whole heart and mind into every note, like it were the last notes he was ever going to play again.
And as dad was listening, to what that teacher was capable of creating with those notes on the page, his mouth fell open with astonishment, and he then totally understood the meaning of his teacher’s laconic message: “Now let’s play music”

Dad told me, that day, he had learned the most important music lesson he would ever be taught:

  1. There is no such thing as bad or boring music or music that is not beautiful!
  2. There is only music that is either performed right or isn’t!
  3. How great, fun or boring a piece of music is, is a reflection of the performer, not the music!

Dad told me this story long before I even got into music, yet I never forgot that story and it always stuck with me.

This is one of my dad’s fun, inspiring stories I learned a lot from as a musician.
There’s tons more such really cool inspiring stories and insights, in this really cool book you would prob really enjoy reading: Zen Guitar.
Highly recommend.


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